Recheck Receipt (Tierion)

Verify the integrity of your data by checking the hash from Tierion API. To fully take advantage of Blockchains before every action the data should be verified against the one store in the Tierion. This action will also automatically update the status in the database to Verified or Failed.

The statuses in the database are: INIT = 0, CREATED = 1, VERIFIED = 2, FAILED = 3.


The Id of the receipt for the Hash Api. It can be found in the {objectQualifier}DnnSharp_BlockchainSecurity_Receipts database table.

Hash To Check

The hash to be compared with the the one stored online. This is the SHA-256 hash that has just been generated using your current data.

Result Token Name

The token name where the result of the hash check will be stored. (returns true/false)

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