Post Hash Item (Tierion)

Tierion turns the blockchain into a global platform for verifying any data, file, or business process. Using it you can verify everything from medical records to online purchases.

This action creates a Subscription Block using the Tierion Hash API.

Various data is stored in the {objectQualifier}DnnSharp_BlockchainSecurity_Receipts database table.

The statuses in the database are: INIT = 0, CREATED = 1, VERIFIED = 2, FAILED = 3.


The SHA-256 hash that will be stored in the Tierion Hash API. This hash will be store by Tierion for later access in order to verify your data.

If the text is not a valid SHA-256 hash the API will return an error.


Add a label to the Block Subscription. This field is entirely optional.

ReceiptId Token Name

The token name where to store the ReceiptId from the API. You should always keep track of the data saved using Tierion and the ReceiptId that belongs to it. Using this ID you can later verify the data.

Created On Token Name

The token name where to store the time when the receipt was made from the API.

On Success

A list of action that will be executed for every receipt when the Block Subscription is created. Block Subscriptions are callbacks that will alert you when a block of Hash Items has been processed and the corresponding Receipts have been generated. A Block Subscription Payload will be POSTed back to the AddOn. Blocks are processed roughly every ten minutes.

Besides the tokens in the context you will also have access to the following tokens: [Receipt:ReceiptId], [Receipt:CreatedOn], [Receipt:Label], [Receipt:MerkleRoot], [Receipt:Status], [Receipt:TransactionId], [Receipt:PortalId], [Receipt:UserId], [Receipt:ReceiptContent]

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